A new lobby for BGA

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by asd123321 » 27 September 2019, 01:06

I takes 12 clicks to start 4 games. This needs to be fixed, such as doing what I suggested.

Forcing us to click Continue after an award is just another nuisance. This is like the bad practice of forcing people to click OK to
continue and even when it is not OK. Announcing a reward when we are being demoted is really annoying. You should be cutting
back on clicks not adding to them. And there is an expense for them too.

How much does it cost you for 10,000 page transmissions?

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by ljlevy » 28 September 2019, 05:01

The new ‘improvements’ have made it harder and more confusing. I can’t find any tables to play at anymore :(

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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by mike81 » 29 September 2019, 19:47


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Re: A new lobby for BGA

Post by misschinchilla » 10 October 2019, 10:03

This new lobby sucks...

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