Need suggestions for starting characters

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Need suggestions for starting characters

Post by tabicat »

This game makes no sense to me. There are over 100 characters to choose from. I've never played before -- what do I do? The characters do not appear to be sorted in any meaningful way, so even if I knew which character I wanted, it takes forever to hover over each one to see if it's the one I want.

Can someone just give me suggestions on which characters to start with? And what's the difference between Eternal (with 1, 2, or 3 stars) and 2.0 and Seasons?
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Re: Need suggestions for starting characters

Post by lordalx »

Hi and welcome to this game.

There are for sure quite several character to chose and building a valable team is part of the challenge of this game too. To discover the game, I would recommznd to start with the core set of 8 figurines available. Other format such as season and eternal gives you a wider set of characters.
The way figs are sort mignt be confusing but simply refers to date of release. Newer figs are on top and focus on unique figs first ordered by level then family pack again ordered by level.

If you want to search and look in detail, you can have à look at but you might be afraid to discover that only half of the figs are part of bga for the moment (hopefully almost all which are part of the season set)

If you still get confused by choosing a team, just look quickly at most ranked player team through their latest game replay, or ask also advice to your opponent in direct chat.

I hope you'll enjoy this game.
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