Opinions on automatic passing

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Jest Phulin
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Opinions on automatic passing

Post by Jest Phulin »

I just noticed that the game will automatically pass your turn if you can't make a legal bid. (This was in a turn-based game when the person wasn't on-line, so I'm pretty sure they didn't do it... :lol: )

What are people's opinions of this? On the one hand, it does speed up the game. On the other, it lets me know late in the game an upper cap of the money they have.

Should it be left the way it is?
Should it be changed to requiring the player to click something when it is the only legal option (as in the Stone Age lottery)?
Should it be made an individual option (like in Puerto Rico)?
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Lotus Blossom
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Re: Opinions on automatic passing

Post by Lotus Blossom »

I don't think it's right to have automatic passing. There's a reason we can't see how much money people have. It might slow down the game but in my experience, turn based games aren't usually played by impatient people lol
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