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Post by Floopyboo » 05 October 2019, 07:03

For two people in the same house to play at the same time? With an overseas friend? How about no, and bye.

How about instead of gouging for normal use, maybe try not being a dick about this? I did enjoy BGA, but there are other options that don't suck people dry for doing the horrific act of trying to spend online time with their own household.

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Pay?

Post by Jest Phulin » 05 October 2019, 09:38

First, I am not an admin, and I have no affiliation with this (or any other) board game site. However, I'm getting tired of seeing comments like these through the years.

BGA is not "gouging for normal use." BGA does not own the licenses to all the board games in existence, and in fact I don't believe they own the licenses to any games. Some games are in the public domain, but the vast majority of games on BGA are here because of an agreement with the owner of the license. If BGA tried to have a game without an agreement, enforcement of international intellectual property laws would shut them down very quickly. Those agreements generally state something to the effect of "to prevent people from just playing on BGA for free instead of buying a copy of the game, there must be some restriction on playing from the same location." Many publishers see a benefit to exposing their game to many people: it will encourage people to buy their game to play when together. If they can play it together without buying a copy, then that benefit is removed.

You might also like to do some research into what some companies require. I heard one company's agreement was that for every digital copy of the game being played, the website had to purchase a physical copy. 28 simultaneous games? Yeah, you need 28 physical copies sitting in the warehouse.

Normal use is one person sitting at a single computer. For this BGA charges a whopping nothing. No subscription fees, not even forcing the user to be distracted by advertisements. That's hardly a gouge.

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Re: Pay?

Post by eoc » 05 October 2019, 21:26

Floopyboo wrote:
05 October 2019, 07:03
there are other options that don't suck people dry
You must be looking at a radically different BGA pricing model than I am. How much do they want to charge you for a membership?

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