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Posted: 25 October 2019, 21:30
by DrKarotte
October 2019

* Probably fixed a bug that caused tables to get stuck. The problems should not occur again on new tables, and the fix to repair the damaged database on broken tables at least works for 1 table, and I am confident that the problem is solved.
* Fixed a bug with the Warehouse token confusing the city of Witten with a Ruhrort column.
* Fixed a bug moving the export marker to the leftmost space in 2 player games (the starting position had been correct).

* Added confirmation dialog when taking a debt.
* Added statistic counting the "emergency mode" debts (partly of personal interest: the bug which caused the game stuck was related to this feature added later, which should really be an emergency, but apparently it is used quite often).
* Added an option to turn off the barge animation. Clicking the new white icon with the ship toggles the animation. The current value is saved as user preference, so that you don't have to click this every time.

Thank you for your patience with the first bug and sorry for any penalty ...
Happy shipping! The obstacles on the Ruhr have been removed

Re: Updates

Posted: 26 October 2019, 16:52
by DrKarotte
Another update:

* Changed game flow when receiving a white token: When the last token of its kind is taken by a player, the last player directly covers the acording spot on his player board with a white token, regardless if he meets the conditions.

Re: Updates

Posted: 28 October 2019, 20:13
by DrKarotte
Another update:

Reworked storing the warehouses at Ruhrort columns and debt spaces on player boards. These sometimes randomly lost their position (a visual problem which could be easily fixed by refreshing), but now they should behave more stable.

Also fixed the width of the 2-slot coal depot that the houses show up besides each other in any screen size.