What are these errors and anyone know where they come from?

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What are these errors and anyone know where they come from?

Post by VanHlebar » 29 November 2019, 15:39

I am seeing a bunch of errors in my console recently (could have always been there but not sure) and I am wondering if these are part of my slowdown issues I am having.

Code: Select all

ly_studio.js:2 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn't interact with the document first. https://goo.gl/xX8pDD
dojo.js:8 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/themereleases/191118-1531//img/awards/33-92.png 404 (Not Found)
dojo.js:8 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/themereleases/191118-1531//img/awards/12-92.png 404 (Not Found)
dojo.js:8 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/themereleases/191118-1531//img/awards/1-92.png 404 (Not Found)
dojo.js:8 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/themereleases/191118-1531//img/awards/34-92.png 404 (Not Found)
2312047_32.jpg:1 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/data/avatar/0/2/2312/2312047_32.jpg?h=000000 404 (Not Found)
dojo.js:8 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/themereleases/191118-1531//img/awards/23-92.png 404 (Not Found)
2312050_32.jpg:1 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/data/avatar/0/2/2312/2312050_32.jpg?h=000000 404 (Not Found)
2312049_32.jpg:1 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/data/avatar/0/2/2312/2312049_32.jpg?h=000000 404 (Not Found)
2312048_32.jpg:1 GET https://en.1.studio.boardgamearena.com:8083/data/data/avatar/0/2/2312/2312048_32.jpg?h=000000 404 (Not Found)
I deleted out all the other messages grouped with these in my console to keep this post shorter. If they would be relevant I am happy to post them. I get these errors anytime I start my game. If this is something normal on the test server that's ok, I am just still trying to find my slowdown issues.


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