Moderation clarification and contesting

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Moderation clarification and contesting

Post by NoelfromNY » 05 December 2019, 00:11

I was recently moderated for a comment that I completely disagree with and would like some clarification. I understand that BGA is against insulting other players. I agree with creating a friendly environment and am against insults.

I was playing a three-player game of Through the Ages. On the penultimate round, Player 2 attempts to attack me. I successfully defend and he is aware he is likely to be in last place. The player who will likely win has the very last turn of the game. He has connection problems, and so Player 2 takes advantage of the situation to expel the player and cancel the game. Less than a minute after time expires and seconds after he is expelled, Player 3 is able to return and shocked at being expelled. So am I at the poor sportsmanship.

04/12 21:20:40 Player 3: cowards
04/12 21:20:46 Me: wasn't me
04/12 21:20:52 Player 2: time is time :)
04/12 21:20:58 Me: mrd sore loser

I have been moderated for stating that Player 2 is a sore loser. That is not an insult, and I did not call him a baby or make an abusive statement. He demonstrated being a sore loser with his behavior on an hour+ game with one turn left to play and his snide smile after the remark "time is time :)". Players like that go against the spirit of a friendly community, and yet he apparently is able to report me and have me moderated for pointing out the poor behavior.

I wrote a short email to contest, but as I understand it there is a fairly good chance they will ignore and not reply. Approximately how long does it take to receive a response if they will respond?

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Re: Moderation clarification and contesting

Post by Jest Phulin » 05 December 2019, 22:34

Please give the moderators time to reply before complaining in the forums.

While I commend you for removing the names of the players involved, your chat log shows that the game took place on the 4th, in late evening/night. This forum post was made only a few hours later. A moderation ban is easy to do (Did the player insult? Yes -- OK, ban.); writing a full clear explanation takes a little longer. Even if the moderator saw your email response immediately, they may have wanted to take some time to rest/reflect on the decision before responding.

Bottom line? Give it time. Time in human terms, not time in computer terms.

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