Turn order & new worker

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Turn order & new worker

Post by Phoxtrot »

* If I move the worker I used to become first/second player to the brown track advancement action
* I use that action to reach position 3 on the trans-Siberian and that happens give me a new worker (I have a locomotive)

Can I use that new worker immediately even though we have all passed ?
(And if yes, can anyone confirm that it does work so on BGA ?)

I would think not but the rule states:
Advantage: new worker
If you reach space 3 of the trans-siberian with your brown track and a locomotive, you
immediately receive one worker of your color from the general supply. You may use this worker
immediately and for the rest of the game.
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Re: Turn order & new worker

Post by Tikhonov »

I think you must NOT use the new worker because you have already passed this turn and moving the worker from the player order section is the only action you can do afterwards. Additionally, the german FAQ of the "American Railroads" expansion says:

"Paying out the stock market and moving the player order worker are not "own" actions! So you must not take advantage at these times." (You can take advantages by paying roubles after reaching certain spots on your tableau.)

And if moving the player order worker is not an "own action", you are not allowed to use your new worker either. I'm not sure how it is implemented on BGA, though.

Hope, I could help :)


Edit: I just tried it out and you cannot use the new worker immediately when unlocking it AFTER passing. The same goes for the black worker.
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