NXS, Gorami, Mammalath: 3 abstracts!

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NXS, Gorami, Mammalath: 3 abstracts!

Post by Een » 24 January 2020, 11:08


This January, we have the pleasure to release 3 more new games! Following on the 3 card games released 2 weeks ago, 3 abstracts are now available on Board Game Arena: NXS, a self published game from Kevin Kane, Gorami designed by Klaus-Peter Rudolph and published by Bambus Spieleverlag, and Mammalath, a game from Grant Fikes published by nestorgames.

So that's 6 new games for January! :D

NXS is an invasion game. Taking control of your armada, you'll send your ships into enemy territory and try to grab dominion over their space while defending your own. Each hexagonal piece has different move and capture characteristics for its different sides, so rotating pieces to prepare your next moves will be a key component of your strategy! The first player to manage to capture a predefined amount of the enemy territory wins. NXS has been created by Kevin Kane (w3r3wolv3s on BGA). He developed first an online version on his website nxsgame.com, then decided to also develop a version for Board Game Arena. A big thank you to him, we hope that you'll enjoy discovering NXS!

Gorami is one of three games published in the Gurami box based on Gurami puzzles. Players alternate placing tokens of their colour with value 1 to 3 inside a grid of triangles. The objective is to control the most "stripes" (adjacent triangles in a line when looking from the outside in one of the 3 possible directions). You control the stripe if the sum of the values of your tokens is greater than that of your opponent. When placing tokens, there is an additional strategic element: if you surround one of your opponent's pieces, it will turn to your color. Thanks a lot to the author Klaus-Peter Rudolph, to the publisher Bambus Spieleverlag and to the developer DrKarotte for allowing this elegant abstract to be played by the BGA community!

Mammalath will have you try to claim three free adjacent spaces on a square grid. But at the start of the game, all spaces are filled by animals. So you'll have to strategically free animals while capturing space, but be careful! If at any point you capture three adjacent spaces while there is still an animal on one or more of those spaces, you lose! Mammalath is a game from Grant Fikes (mathgrant on BGA), who is also the author of Battle of LITS which is also available on BGA and has been played more than 100 000 times! Our thanks to him, to the publisher nestorgames and to the developer apollo1001 for bringing one more of their games online here on BGA!

Each of these games has its own unique feel and mechanics to enjoy. We encourage you to be curious and discover all three! :)

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Re: NXS, Gorami, Mammalath: 3 abstracts!

Post by dethwing » 28 January 2020, 16:04

Congratulations Mathgrant. Excellent game!

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Re: NXS, Gorami, Mammalath: 3 abstracts!

Post by Shobu » 28 January 2020, 18:24

Nice to see more abstract games coming here!
Secretly hoping to see Dieter Stein ludography here :D


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