Warning for fail demand effect?

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Warning for fail demand effect?

Post by mikykcul »

I know some cards have a warning when you dogma it.
It is quite important as we don't have a undo button for this game.
However, some cards seems did not have the warning when no effect took place.
Could it be added?
One card I noticed is Societies.
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Re: Warning for fail demand effect?

Post by OzLefty76 »

Is this an automatic warning if you select a card with a demand effect where you don't have a majority in that symbol?

That would be EXCELLENT. I know there is reluctance to add something to check selection of cards to prevent accidental selections (like when playing on a phone and you select a card when you meant to scroll), but it would presumably be much less complicated and intrusive to simply have a check when playing a demand dogma that you have a majority, and if not, give a warning "you do not have a majority in this symbol and the demand will have no effect - are you sure you meant to select this card?"

Could that be implemented please?
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Re: Warning for fail demand effect?

Post by lordmcfuzz »

In the upcoming release there will be some options on meld/dogma options. There is a chance that warnings are included.
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Re: Warning for fail demand effect?

Post by GeraldineMerida »

I feel there's a difference between an accidental misclick (e.g. playing a card when you just wanted to enlarge your screen), which is purely tech issue, and failure to take account of icon numbers, which happens IRL play too, and is not protected against (any more than other foolish moves).

I'd much rather have protection for the former (in the form of an 'undo' button), than a warning to prevent the latter.
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