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Re: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]

Post by nccc » 13 February 2020, 14:20

tinway wrote:
13 February 2020, 05:56
the 'train comming' system was use but not efficient, and it came bad to the old system, that need to wait toooooo long for a game. then tHe game start without confirmation......but most of time i am not there already(wait toooooo long) i was kick out from table ,loss my ranking, elo and kama, really unfair, but it is just the bad design of system and no confirmation is a big problem
U should cancel if ur going AFK

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Re: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]

Post by lincoln9818 » 14 February 2020, 12:25

would prefer to keep the timing function as it helps me to know when there is a game. Sometimes it is an endless wait as I dont even know who is waiting and how many people are still needed for a table.

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Re: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]

Post by TerranPL » 14 February 2020, 16:05

Based on Carcassonne experience of mine and several top-rated players so far.

Current matchmaking settings are terrible. You get your Arena match quickly, but to do so, it often (mostly) pairs you against any other player, rank consideration feels non-existent. Thus effectively, competition among players in top20 of the ranking are rather about beating more low-ranked players than their opponents.

One friend even made the experiment - played Arena whole day to reach top6 or top7. Out of 34 games, he only got 2-3 decent opponents.

In current form, it feels like a waste of time, Arena ranking is the ranking of activity rather than the ranking of skill.

Good sides of Arena:
- all ranked games in the same mode (before, some players in top10 were only playing different modes or expansions; resulted in non-comparable ranking), so it's a good idea generally speaking, just implementation is not proper yet
- you should not be able to avoid good opponents - BUT in current form it's actually possible, you can get top1 rank and not ever play any of the top20 players

Some ideas:
- get scheduled rounds for Arena (still live games, but using a queue for a game every 5/10/15 minutes or whatever will make most sense from statistical point of view, the benchmark should be possibility of pairing the players among their league / short range ranking wise, all the time; I must add I did not experience the previous system which was commented earlier, I can imagine such system was actually tested already before
- block the possibility of matchmaking for 2 players if rank difference is too big or at the very least reduce the amount of rank points gained by winning such games
- get rank penalties for some periods of inactivity
- block the possibility of playing the same opponent too often in short period of time (f.e. up to 3-5 games daily vs the same opponent)
- arrange the turn-based finals for topXX (might be 16, 32) after the end of season; round robin (everyone plays 1 game vs each other opponent) or double elimination bracket
- show clearly that the game played is in Arena mode (for the observers)
- show clearly Arena rank in-game
- show clearly Arena rank gain/loss when match is finished (also for the observers)

Other than that, good luck with new system!


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Re: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]

Post by nccc » 15 February 2020, 02:53

plz add a "cancel all" button.
If u can play all games at the same time,why cant u cancel all when u don't want to or cant find opponents?

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Re: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]

Post by Mongströn » 15 February 2020, 17:18

When I open a simple mode turn based table while waiting for arena mode turn based game, the table disappear after a few seconds.

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Re: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]

Post by Flomic85 » 18 February 2020, 23:45

CAn you please explain why we are loosing points when somebody is not playing. The game is stopped and I lost points on the arena game. It's really annoying. can you dio something about this point ?

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Re: Arena - Season Zero [BETA]

Post by jaspingrobus » 19 February 2020, 09:11

Can't get into 7 wonders game for like 3 days now. Times are often more than half hour waiting, then I usually give up and try after some time.

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