Number of players in arena

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Number of players in arena

Post by Romain672 »

I really like this game, but 5 players in arena seem a bit too much.

I personnally prefer 3/4, but 3 players became to really change the game a lot.
So I would be fine with 4 players instead of 5 for the current/future seasons.

Please tell me what you would prefer.
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Re: Number of players in arena

Post by LufWa1 »

I agree, 4 is sufficient.

Also, the arena community is incredibly small (currently 43 players in the season, 3 elites, rest bronze). Real-time arena games practically never happen, only turn-based arena. For me, the bluffing and intuition are relevant in real-time but get lost in turn-based. Simple games are quite easy to find with a little patience, but I'd love for more people to play real-time arena to get some good competition going. I don't really have a concrete concept in mind, but if there were some particular times when to queue for a real-time arena game that might get more people to adjust their schedule to it. There's actually a ton of people eligible for arena (I scrolled down to 2000th position and it's still Bronze-1, so should be even more Bronze-0s).

I'm thinking maybe to introduce a "happy hour" concept every 6 hours to accommodate for various time-zones. When you queue for arena a banner would appear saying either "Happy Hour!" or "Happy Hour in <countdown>"
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