BGA response time: Feb 2019 to Feb 2020

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BGA response time: Feb 2019 to Feb 2020

Post by sourisdudesert » 12 February 2020, 10:10

Providing you the best quality of service is one of our everyday job.

However, as this is not something that you can immediately "see", we decided to make this little post to show what's "under the hood".


1: Following the release of Kingdomino, the increasing audience of BGA caused an instability on our realtime server, with a slower response time (but no crash).

2: The instability of the realtime server made the server crash. We installed (a lot of) dedicated monitoring tool to analyse this difficult problem and try to solve it.

3: We removed the "players suggestion feature" which was very resource consuming and a possible major cause of the instability. With other optimizations, it allows to stop the server crashes and make the service more stable.

4. The new lobby was introduced on BGA, which cause a temporary slowdown. After some optimizations, we restored the previous quality of service.

5. We reorganized the architecture between our server to optimize the way our servers are communicating between each other. It solved immediately the realtime server instability and divided by 2 our response time.

6. We also managed to re-introduce an optimized version of "suggest to player", as many of you asked this feature. After some optimizations, we managed to limit the impact of this feature on performances, as you can see on the graph.

7. Thanks to 2 services interruptions, we setup a new database server for BGA, much more fast and powerful. It allowed us to decrease the response time by 35-40%.

8. When we change something on servers, there are sometimes unexpected consequences, like the temporary "slowdown" mentioned above that a few of you may have noticed. It has been fixed on January 15th.

Performance optimization is a continuous job for us, which is not very visible (except during the painful maintenance operation). We hope this post will help you to understand what we are doing.

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Re: BGA response time: Feb 2019 to Feb 2020

Post by sprockitz » 14 February 2020, 21:02

Not sure if something changed on your end recently(last day or so) but pages are frequently failing to load for me. They get to 30-40 percent (based on the blue bar in safari) then stop. Refresh usually helps and when they do load it is very quick. But after refresh to get that page to load the next page has the same problem.

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