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Suggestions for additional tourney types

Post by Liddicoatite » 15 February 2020, 00:37

I've played a few tournaments, enjoyed what I've done so far, and have some suggestions for additional formats I'd like to see supported:

Double/Triple elimination brackets - I just learned that triple elimination tourneys were a thing today! Anyway, it's similar to the single elimination tournaments BGA has now, only if you lose a game, you're dropped into a consolation bracket. The consolation brackets can either determine final places, or feed back into the main bracket, giving players the chance to have a comeback and contend for the overall title.

Staggered-start round-robin - The biggest issue with the current round-robin format is that it dumps all the games you're going to play on you at once, which can be overwhelming. I'd like to see an option where games come in a steady stream - for example, one new game a day.

Regular Season/Playoffs - How about a format that combines round-robin with an elimination tournament? Think something like the World Cup or NFL, where teams play a limited slate of games in pools or divisions as a "regular season," and then the top teams from that phase move on to an elimination tournament for the championship.

Anyway, if anyone else has any other alternate formats they'd like to see, I'm interested in hearing them!

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