Smaller "Screen Space" Games

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Smaller "Screen Space" Games

Post by niroth350 » 26 March 2020, 18:56

Hi All,

Have been loving playing some of my favorite games here on BGA while trapped at home... preparing to have my first real time game night replacement this weekend and while I play on a nice big desktop monitor I know a few in my group will be using smaller laptops.

I was curious if any of the more seasoned BGA veterans have suggestions for games which have a smaller "virtual" footprint on the BGA implementation that might reduce the amount of scrolling around the screen they may need to do? At least for information you need to constantly review / be aware of I've noticed there isn't necessarily a 1:1 relationship between physical game table space and virtual implementation (for good reason).

Probably games where the vast majority of the action is on a central board as opposed to individual tableau?

We play just about all types of games (i.e. last game night was Trickerion Collectors Edition followed by Kingdomino :)), usually with 3 or 4p.

Thanks for any suggestions and hope this is appropriate to post here, didn't see a suggestions forum or anything!

Happy gaming!


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