Best 2 player game on site?

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Best 2 player game on site?

Post by mikeybe » 26 March 2020, 21:17

Just a quick opinion question - I'm unfamiliar with many games on the site and am a new premium member. What games do you recommend most for a party of 2? Some games it works well with, others not so much, so I'm checking in with the experts:)

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CB Droege
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Re: Best 2 player game on site?

Post by CB Droege » 26 March 2020, 23:31

If you go to the full games list, there is a category expressly for discovering 2-player games.

Personally, I like Hex, Lost Cities, and Dragon Line.

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Jest Phulin
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Re: Best 2 player game on site?

Post by Jest Phulin » 26 March 2020, 23:46

"Best" implies a value system. Without knowing what the value system is, any answers have little value.

But, best worker placement/resource management: Targi.
Best mix of luck and strategy: Senet.
Best non-classic pure strategy: Hive (possibly Quarto)


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