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Welcome, advice and licences

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A lot of new people have been discovering BGA: we have a lot of new developers starting projects in the studio, and at the same time a lot of publishers granting us new licenses. There is a lot of activity! If you are a new developer, please take the time to read the few points below to get your bearings:

1) Welcome to new developers! Have fun looking around and programming new board games.

2) Some words of advice:

~~ Except for smaller learning projects, please check with us about the license by sending an email at studio@boardgamearena.com. Some licenses are not available, and some have been granted a long time ago and it would be better to validate them again. If you spend a lot of time on a project before checking, well, there is a risk of disappointment :) Asking for the image files for the game is usually a good way to check that everything is fine and good. And finally, if the license is not mentioned in our list, you can request it by adapting to your taste the template email that can be generated at the top of the "available licenses" page https://studio.boardgamearena.com/licensing (NB: you must have a developer account on BGA studio to access this page).

~~ Start small! Developing an abstract or a small card game to get a grip on the framework before getting into a game of the same complexity as Through the Ages is definitely a good idea ;)

~~ Please take the time to read the guidelines ( https://en.doc.boardgamearena.com/BGA_Studio_Guidelines )! That will save you time and put you on the right way.

~~ Please set the correct 'bgg_id' (with the number in the board game geek URL for the game) in the gameinfos.inc.php and reload the game informations from your "Manage game page". This allows your project to be shown in front of the license on the available licenses page, so that other developers know that a project is ongoing and can propose their help or check with you about the project status before starting their own.

~~ If you have questions about the framework, please ask them first in the developer forum ( viewforum.php?f=12 ) to share with the developer community. You can also join the bga-developers discord channel (https://discord.gg/jCp8Pj3Nu2) to chat with other developers. Then if you don't get an answer after a while (or if your question is really specific to your game), consider contacting us directly at the studio@boardgamearena.com email address... and please bear with us if we are a little slow to answer, we are under a lot of load just like our servers :)

Hope you'll find this wonderful board game you'd love to code :)

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