New abstract game to fall in love with: Veletas

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New abstract game to fall in love with: Veletas

Post by DocteurClick » 13 May 2020, 08:54

New on BGA!
Luis Bolaños Mures is a prolific game author who exercises his talent mostly on abstract games, with a simple development axis but very rich depth.

We are pleased to have one of his titles that won the award for the best combinatorial game for 2 players: Veletas.


Very simple to access, this is a title to try for all abstract game lovers, described by some as "the child of Go and Amazons"

To note, Veletas is one of Grant Fikes favorite, - game designer of Battle of Lits ( 2015, 120 000 times played on BGA) and Mammalath (12 000 times played) - who has been leading the way to make this game available on BGA.

Two different designs available and hours of reflection!
To play now on BGA, click here:

Lot of thanks to our developper, Apollo1001, for the work achieved.
Enjoy !

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Re: New abstract game to fall in love with : Veletas

Post by Chauff » 13 May 2020, 11:48

It is very fun, congrats to the developper. This cat and mouse game, with lots of traps, reversals of situations and tied games is really enjoyable !

I am still not sure I have really figured how to count adjacent groups when you trap a shooter though. Something that could help, I think, would be to highlight the stones which were used in the calculation when a shooter is trapped. A tutorial would really help too :)

Edit : I rewatched some games and finally got it, I did'nt pay enough attention when reading the rules I think :)

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