How can you upvote a suggestion?

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How can you upvote a suggestion?

Post by JelleFresen » 23 May 2020, 20:17

In the "Suggestions" section of the forum, how can you upvote a suggestion?

I found one that I'd like to upvote, but I can't find an upvote button, nor can I express my support through posting a message because the topic is locked. What other options do I have to upvote that particular suggestion? It concerns the suggestion with the subject "Pause the replay" ( ... f=9&t=9536)

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Jest Phulin
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Re: How can you upvote a suggestion?

Post by Jest Phulin » 24 May 2020, 00:18

The suggestions forum and the bug-tracking system have morphed into a new entity that isn't reflected well in their names.

The forum is mainly a place to discuss new ideas and analyze consequences of implementing new code. When issues are mostly resolved, someone should click the "Report a bug" link to be taken to the "Bugs & suggestions" page. Development is prioritized based on how many votes each topic on that page gets.

So, the best way to upvote a suggestion in a locked forum thread is to see if that suggestion is in the bug/suggestion system. If not, create it (and if you want to help its success post a link to it in the suggestion forum)..

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