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Game length

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My understanding is that Skat tournament lengths are usually 36 deals for 3 players. 12 deals and 24 deals are other lengths I have commonly seen for casual play.

Currently, the choices on boardgamearena are 3 deals, 9 deals, and 15 deals. These shorter lengths seem like a great way for beginners to sample the game without getting sucked into a longer game than they are ready for, but for players who play quickly, some longer options would be nice. Skilled players can usually do 36 deals in 90 minutes.

Would it be an easy change to add in some longer game duration options, like 24 deals and 36 deals?

Or alternatively, does boardgamearena support the notion of an "endless mode", where you keep playing to any agreed upon length, or until you get tired of it or a player needs to leave? That's not practical for random match-ups, but would be a great option for friends.
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