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Robot AI

Post by 57erniepyle » 01 June 2020, 21:15

When people quit, the robo-AI is too predictable, turning back almost immediately. How about:

1) If no hazards or cards with goodies, continue.
2) Otherwise
a) roll 3d6.
b) add 2 per hazard card on table
c) add 2 per treasure card on table
d) add 1 per card with gems on it on table
If the adjusted dice roll > 15 (just a thought), return to camp.

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Re: Robot AI

Post by fafa-fr » 01 June 2020, 22:25

57erniepyle wrote:
01 June 2020, 21:15
When people quit, the robo-AI is too predictable
According to BGA game developers instructions, the "player" replacing people quitting is not supposed to be an AI, it is supposed to be a zombie, with very basic moves only allowing to finish a game "to not waste it". But I'm not sure games are less wasted if a player plays dumb moves than if the game is not finished (it may depend on games and on if the game is almost finished or not). So for games for which it is easy to code a not too dumb AI, it would be nice to have one to replace people quitting, indeed. (But I don't know if this is actually easy for Incan Gold / Diamant or for other games.)
Souris and Een, thoughts about it? What about rewording the Studio doc?

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