Marram : Placing or Flipping, that is the question...

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Marram : Placing or Flipping, that is the question...

Post by DrClick » 10 June 2020, 12:16


It's all about tiles.

It's also all about a designer and a developer that made this game come true.

Marram is a game for 2 to 4 players that has been created by Robert William Smith, A.K.A robert44444uk,
that allows you to lay down tiles to get points. But not just ANY tiles.

On their turn, a player can lay down a new tile on the board: the tile has to connect to others, connecting colors (or patterns) to the next available space. But the twist is here: you can also TURN over a tile to switch its design and then change the game connection possibilities.

Most people will try to complete snakes and worms, but there are serious points to be gained by completing patches and flipping tiles.
Oh, and, did we talk about boots?
Oh and, also, what about the 3 available game modes?

It's simple to start playing, it's deep so that you can enjoy playing it over and over, and it's now available to anyone, live on BGA.

You can give it a try right now by clicking here : Play MARRAM now !

Oh and, lastly, a small word from the designer about the World Championship that he plans to organize on BGA in a few months:
“As we launch Marram today we are proud to announce that BGA will host the Official Marram World Championship in late October/ Early November. Entry to this tournament will be open to all people who play on BGA. There will be no entry fee, and there will be small non-cash prizes for the winner and runner up. The 16 entrants with the highest ELO at the end of September will be seeded, so get playing!”

All our thanks go to robert44444uk for designing such a nice gameplay and to A-dam, the developer of this excellent title.

These boots are made for walking,
And that's just what they'll never do here ;)

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Re: Marram : Placing or Flipping, that is the question...

Post by Skur78 » 11 June 2020, 01:29

Sound like Tsuro... interesting

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