Separate bga game: Geronimo Barbu

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Separate bga game: Geronimo Barbu

Post by 57erniepyle »

I really like the Geronimo option -- but I haven't yet played it with at least one opponent very unhappy over the length of the game. Yes, they can set their options to avoid it, but too few people seem aware of that. And it feels like a different game -- much more strategic than non-Geronimo Barbu. The differences seem at least as great as those between Coinche and Belote, which are given separate bga game slots.

At any rate, a great addition to the card game side of bga. Thanks!
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Re: Separate bga game: Geronimo Barbu

Post by martang »

I agree. Though I wish there were more people in general who wanted to play this as I really enjoy Barbu.
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