What time is it ? It's TEA TIME !

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What time is it ? It's TEA TIME !

Post by DrClick » 24 June 2020, 10:19


It's TEA TIME and your guests are going crazy: some will stay, some will disappear as soon as they arrive.

Tea Time is a card-game by Emanuele Ornella that has been developed for BGA by... himself!

Yes, that's as crazy as it sounds: the game designer will be in the front row to answer your questions ;)
Of course, there is no tea-time without the mad hatter and their friends.

On each round, an array of characters is laid out, with normal and mirrored images alternating. The starting player for the round takes one character, adds it to his collection, then places the Alice card in that spot of the array. The next player takes 1-2 cards, but if he takes two, the cards must be adjacent. From the third player onwards, each player takes 1-3 cards; again, you can take multiple cards only if they're adjacent. If you ever have a normal and a mirrored image of the same character in your collection, *poof* they both disappear.

After five rounds (with two players) or three rounds (with 3-4 players), the game ends. Players score 1-15 points for collecting 1-5 cards of the same character – with zero cards of one character being worth five points, so sometimes you do want them to vanish! Alice herself is worth four points, and whoever has the most points wins.

Why not give it a try now? It's always Tea Time on BGA!

That's it and we think that it's beautiful.
All of our thanks go to Emanuele Ornella, and to the artist behind the illustrations, Chiara Vercesi.
We would also like to thanks Gigamic for the rights to use the graphic assets, and we're delighted to offer you a sip of this wonderful cup-sized game.

"Tea Time, FOREVER!"

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Re: What time is it ? It's TEA TIME !

Post by dschingis27 » 04 July 2020, 14:01

I just noticed that there is no single reply in this thread. So...

It's a beautiful game! And all my friends I introduced to it were delighted as well. The game title and the simplicity of the game immediately hooked 2 friends who are not die-hard gamers. ("Oh, it's about tea. I love tea." Me thinking: Well... You can find out for yourself that it's not about tea... I won't tell you in advance. The tea person still loved the game in the end. :D)

I have to say that it plays like a more streamlined version of Coloretto. So if you like Tea Time you may like Coloretto as well. But I will always choose Tea Time over Coloretto. :)

Edit: I want to make clear that it is absolutely not a "version of Coloretto". Both games share the basic scoring method but you find unique mechanics in Tea Time, full credit to the Tea Time designer.
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Re: What time is it ? It's TEA TIME !

Post by sprockitz » 04 July 2020, 15:23

Yes this is a very fun, easy to learn game. I also thought it was quite similar to coloretto.

I think the percent of people who check the forum is quite small and since the game wasn't announced in the news section, I'm guessing a lot of people have no idea the game is even on BGA.


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