Klaverjassen card game alpha available

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Klaverjassen card game alpha available

Post by wolmot » 30 June 2020, 09:39

Hello everyone,

the alpha release of the "klaverjassen" card game is now available.

Klaverjassen is the Dutch name for a popular traditional four player trick-tacking card game.
The name refers to the 'jas' (Jack) being the highest value trump card (as in other card games from the Jass family like Belote), and 'klaver' (clubs, or literally: clover).

If any of you have a Dutch background and already know it, or are interested in reviewing it, please have a look.

If you are unable to play it as a BGA reviewer but are interested to try it, just let me know so I can send you an invitation to the private alpha test group.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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Re: Klaverjassen card game alpha available

Post by chk1975 » 01 July 2020, 20:06

It used to be that the requirement to become a tester was to have played 20 different games.
So when I saw klaverjassen I immediatly wanted to become a tester but they upped the requirement to 30 different games played.

But I come from a klaverjassen family and have been playing the game for over 30 years ansd I also know a lot of the variants like amsterdams, rotterdams and offcourse the big one: kraken.

My favourite and the one I play with my family is amsterdams kraken.

I would like to become a tester for klaverjassen and bring the best card game in the world to boardgamearena.

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