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Re: Variant Gameplay Options

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FT3 wrote: 19 January 2021, 18:21 This sounds like variant three from your earlier post?
I just checked and you are correct, sorry. I browsed through assuming #4 on the sheet was the one I skipped. But here's what it was, thank you for keeping me honest!

Players must introduce the runners as soon as possible. It is not possible to deliberately avoid doing this in variation. At the beginning of their turn, they must form dice pairs in such a way as to introduce two runners, if possible. After this turn, they must introduce the third runner as soon as possible.

Now I remember that this was the one that wouldn't be ideal for programming, nor be popular to use.
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Re: Variant Gameplay Options

Post by haoleboy »

DCPhoenix wrote: 10 August 2020, 04:15 Variant 2 - Can't Stop on the Same Spot
Players may not stop voluntarily if one or more of the counters are on a square already occupied by an opponent's cone. In this situation you must keep on rolling in an effort to move your counter off of your opponent's cone.
We play Can't Stop in my online gaming group as a cool down after a long evening. But we've begun to play "Variant 2" using the honor system, and for the most part we haven't had a problem.

When someone does forget or clicks too fast after landing on an opponent, we issue a penalty to that player. On their next turn, they have to take that number; If not, they have to take a number they don't already have or increase another at the lower point in their lowest ascent. Then their turn ends with just that one roll. If they end up on more than one opponent, it means on their next turn they have to take those numbers first but end with that one roll. Only after they are clear of all opponents can they play a normal round.

Of the three variants, this is the only one that wouldn't require an update to the BGA game. Regardless, I would love to help make that possible, because we all like how it changes the game play.
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Re: Variant Gameplay Options

Post by RogueGal »

How come you can stop In a game called, "Can't Stop"? I was very surprised to learn that variant number two is not even a possibility, much less the standard. My in person gaming group has always played that "variant."
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Re: Variant Gameplay Options

Post by chemipaul »

Variant #2 is great! I would love to see it implimented!
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