It's still summer: Will you PAPAYOO ?

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It's still summer: Will you PAPAYOO ?

Post by DrClick » 19 August 2020, 11:14


It's a small game that is always successful, using an extremely simple concept:
Do you know the Queen of Spades?
It is quite close. It's a trick-taking game.
But it is playable from 3 to 8 Players!

5 Colors (4 of 10 cards, one of 20 black cards)
The 20 black cards are worth 1 to 20 points.

The 7 of a randomly drawn suit is worth 40 points, and the other cards 0 pts.

Simple as pie: players must provide the color requested by the first player, and there are no trumps.
The goal is to get as few points as possible, which means trying to take as few tricks as possible.

Efficient and rather clever, it's the ideal game to end the summer, sleeping in your deckchair sipping a little fresh juice, and that should bring a new game to the players of Solo and other trick-taking games.

Developed initially by Guillaume0385 , it is thanks to the work of our developer Tisaac that the game is finally released on BGA, for your pleasure. We'd like to thanks to both of them for the work done.
We would also like to thank Gigamic and the game designers for their authorizations ;)

To play it, it's here:

Have fun and relax: during the coming weeks, we have some wonderful, really wonderful games coming ...

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