Big Money Option?

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Evan Edwards
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Big Money Option?

Post by Evan Edwards »

What does the Big Money option do in For Sale? There are six of us who just played (the game is a favorite during our face to face game nights), and none of us could see any difference.

Also, in general, is there a place to go to see what the options do? Most are fairly obvious, but a few could use a paragraph or two to clearly define them precisely.
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Re: Big Money Option?

Post by Noctua »

I have no idea but I have some speculation...

As I am playing my first game here I had to recognize that there is no 2-value coins to bid with as in the real game.
Maybe Big Money option gives it back?
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Re: Big Money Option?

Post by hersh »

Big money = Players start with more money.

Maybe can add to the wiki page?
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Re: Big Money Option?

Post by bojeremiad »

Big Money changes the number of coins with which each player begins the game.

The default number of coins varies by number of players:
  • 18 coins for 3 players
  • 18 coins for 4 players
  • 14 coins for 5 players
  • 14 coins for 6 players
"Big Money" is
  • 21 coins for 3 players
  • 21 coins for 4 players
  • 16 coins for 5 players
  • 16 coins for 6 players
Big Money is a little more forgiving (especially if you are prone to revenge bidding) and it changes the dynamic among experienced players who are accustomed to prices that regularly repeat in the standard game.

Based on a sampling of current games in progress, about 95% of games are played with the standard amount of money.
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