New TEAMMATE Approaching!

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New TEAMMATE Approaching!

Post by DrClick » 18 September 2020, 11:44


Paris, September 2020.

Locked down in their secret base, the Team was working hard to improve their weapon of mass distraction called Board Game Arena.

Greg, Emmanuel and Ian were struggling to find a way to get the 4th element to complete thee next step of their secret project "MOAR GAMES".

- "We need more power", said Greg.
- "We already have a lot of superheroes helping us", replied Emmanuel. "But it's not enough."
- "There should be one that could", told Ian.
- "Which one? We're not on a party boat!" (internal joke)

Then, suddenly, the front door to their basement exploded.
And behind a cloud of smoke appeared a familiar silhouette.

"Here i am, simple mortals, to help you achieve your mission".

It was Jurica. And he came to save the day.

It's official: JURICA is now joining the BGA TEAM.
He is a long-time developer for BGA who started some years ago with a really nice game: Perudo. You'll also be able to play some of the games he worked on recently in a few weeks.

We hired him from our developer base to manage the games framework and help out all other developers. His mission ? GAME DEVELOPMENT MANAGER.
We are delighted to have recruited him, and he is now a fully operational member of the team.
We're not 3 anymore, we are now 4.

So please welcome our 4th musketeer, Jurica Hladek, coming directly from Croatia!

"So what's next ?", asked Ian.
"It's perfect", replied Greg. "But now we will need more stability to contain all that power. We need a METASITE master."
"What about a METASITE Lead Programmer", said Emmanuel?

They all agreed : they would need a new superhero to support their quest.
That's why we've launched a recruitment for our 5th element.

You can find everything about the position by following the link below.
If you feel brave enough, beware: the road is long, but we have cookies. And parties.

You can check our full stack developer recruitment post here:
viewtopic.php?f=12&t=17254&fbclid=IwAR3 ... 8mWMTNzp70

And as we like to say:
"To Infinity and BEYOND..."

We also like to shout "Tarot!", but that's something you can only get if you're part of the team ;)

Rusty Cohle
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Re: New TEAMMATE Approaching!

Post by Rusty Cohle » 18 September 2020, 12:14

Welcome ! 8-)

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Re: New TEAMMATE Approaching!

Post by Faiz Ali » 18 September 2020, 19:07

Good to have you :)

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