Butterfly: Greenhill, zone 1...

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Butterfly: Greenhill, zone 1...

Post by DrClick » 07 October 2020, 11:07


Life is all about surprises. The resulting comments are mostly matter of subjectivity.

Each new games releases are some sort of surprises.
And so are the comments made.

Today we would like to share with you a lovely game from Rio Grande Games : Butterfly.

And in Butterfly, players are moving an hedgehog.
An hedgehog chasing butterflies. A real one.
We're not talking about a movie about a blue one that Twitter can change in here.

Players in Butterfly use a hedgehog piece around the board to collect tiles. By skillfully moving the piece to the right spots on the board, players can grab rare items while leaving fewer choices for their opponents. The player who accumulates the most valuable collection at the end of the game wins.

This is a game that can be played on several levels. As a game for children or families, the rules are easy to learn, the pieces are attractive and fun, but experienced and older game players can play it as a tactical fight, looking for the right move that will optimize your points while leaving the opponents with few good options.

It's a great game to play for the whole familly, or to change from your usual "Twilight Imperium Mondays".

You don't have to trust me. You can just try it here:

It's fun and light-hearted.

Thanks to Stephen Glenn that designed the game and to the developer, tsaunat, who did a really nice implementation of the game that makes it so enjoyable.
Obviously, all this would not have been possible without the support of Rio Grande Games, a huge thank you to them.

Try it.
You'll be surprised.
It could also become the best option for some to get a high ELO ranking in here ;)

Can you feel the sunshine?

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