We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

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We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by DrClick » 22 October 2020, 09:21


Today is launching the Spiel Digital, the largest board game fair on earth that's online this year, with Board Game Arena as an official partner of the event.

And we have plenty of surprises for you.

FIRST : The Crew is released!
Yes, you read it right, The Crew, the latest Awarded Spiel Des Jahres game is available NOW on BGA.

You can play missions one-by-one by keeping the same group into play.
You don't know The Crew ? The game that won more than 15 awards since its release ?
Ok, that is an easy one to explain, but not to play...

It's a cooperative trick-taking game.

In The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, the players set out as astronauts on an uncertain space adventure. What about the rumours about the unknown planet about? The eventful journey through space extends over 50 exciting missions. But this game can only be defeated by meeting common individual tasks of each player. In order to meet the varied challenges, communication is essential in the team. But this is more difficult than expected in space.

With each mission, the game becomes more difficult. After each mission, the game can be paused and continued later. During each mission, it is not the amount of tricks, but the right tricks at the right time that count.

The team wins only if every single player is successful in fulfilling their tasks.
It's intriguing, right ?

Some refers to this game as a really innovative way to play a trick-taking game with missions.

You absolutely must try this gem, designed by Thomas Sing and published by Kosmos.
You can play it here, NOW:

And thanks to our developer Mistergos, the game is quite easy to play and to have fun.

And now, for something completely different:

We're in a 4-days special event till Sunday midnight.
We've prepared a lot of special things for you.

First: Please remember that BETA versions are not finished nor official releases, but they are playable.
Here are some of the games you can find right now on BGA that are being presented in BETA on BGA simultaneously to their release for the Spiel (a big thank you to our partners!)

- Seven Wonders Duel: AGORA expansion (new game option when starting the game)
- Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers (new edition)
- Marco Polo II: The Caravans expansion (new game option when starting the game)
- Quetzal
- Boomerang: Australia

Oh and don't forget that 7 Wonders and 7 Wonders DUEL are free during the event ;)

In terms of events:

Some LIVE events will take place starting today, and Repos Production prepared some for 7 Wonders and... Concept. Yes. This one is also coming to BGA. Please check the schedule on front page.

In terms of tournaments, don't miss out on the Quetzal tournament: we're partnering with Gigamic to setup the first tournament of Quetzal and they're offering games for the winners: Don't miss this chance to get a free copy!

There is also a Kingdom Builder tournament, you can check all the information here :

There is a lot of things going on during this week, please don't forget to check out our social networks to get the hottest updates during the Spiel Digital!

Take care and have fun!
You can check more informations about the Spiel Digital here : https://spiel.digital/en

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Re: We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by N_Faker » 22 October 2020, 16:05


Game maximum duration: 10 mn
Time allotted to each player: 5:00


Most of the games will result in time outs.
I selected a random replay and set it to play to the end. It took nearly 7 minutes just to go through all the animations.

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Re: We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by RicardoRix » 22 October 2020, 17:19

The Speil.digital website is a bit of a mine-field, I'm struggling to find anything in English, anybody got any good recommendations on what to do on it?

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Re: We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by pjt33 » 22 October 2020, 23:21

DrClick wrote:
22 October 2020, 09:21
FIRST : The Crew is released!
Really? With more than a dozen open rules bugs? My play group think it shouldn't be out of alpha yet.

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Re: We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by mattyoung27 » 30 October 2020, 11:40

I'm excited about the new 7 Wonders Duel expansion, but it seems to be so new that the rules aren't up anywhere! Can anyone post a link?

I think I can work it out anyway from playing the game but sometimes it's good to check first!

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Re: We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by JumpMaybe » 30 October 2020, 21:10

The Agora rules are on the game page (click See more)
https://boardgamearena.com/gamepanel?ga ... ondersduel

Or see the official expansion website:

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Re: We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by ogrey69 » 31 October 2020, 05:04

Have you guys been thinking of implementing Marco Polo expansion? The first edition I mean. There is MP and MP2 + expansion. We lack expansion for MP1

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Re: We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by Just ice » 02 November 2020, 13:17

:D how do I join?

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Re: We're live, we're a partner, and we have games!

Post by chuckm1961 » 17 November 2020, 23:18

As published, The Crew with 3 players still uses all four colors (36 cards plus 4 rockets). SO I am baffled as to why this implementation does not allow three players to use all 40 cards.


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