Hanafuda Hawaii style

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Hanafuda Hawaii style

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A board game I want added is called Hanafuda Na Pua Hawaii. This game is similar to Koi-Koi but it's different enough to exist next to it.
There are 8 possible Yakus, each subtract 50 points from your opponent at the end of the game. Sounds interesting right?
The plain cards are zero points so you throw them in the discard pile. Animals are 5 points, Ribbons are 10 points, and Brights are 20 points.
The game only ends when all the players run out of cards in their hand, afterwards they count up their points and subtract points based on how many Yakus their opponent made during that round. You win the round by having the highest amount of points. Just like in Koi-Koi you try to make matches from your hand and from the deck with the cards available on the field.

Players have to win a number of rounds to be declared winner of the game. For example winning 4 out of 7 rounds in a game.
Between 2 and 6 people can play this card game. I want it limited to only 2 and 4 players with two playable game modes called Singles, and Teams.

Hanafuda Na Pua Hawaii even has its own website so you can go there for even more information. (http://hanafudahawaii.com/index.html)
Can we possibly vote on this game to be included on board game arena? Please help me with this if you can.
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