Drawn game vs. Elo rating change

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Drawn game vs. Elo rating change

Post by Wojtek_bob »


I have a question about drawn games and Elo rating change. Some time ago, I played a game that ended in a draw (link). According to the info from the result section: "the winning percetange for a player is 80% (or 20%), which results in the Elo change of -+6.09". However, our ratings remained unchanged.

As I'm a relatively new user here, I'm not really sure how the draws are treated in this particular game, but anyway, there is contradictory information in the result section then. I've reported it as a bug (link) but I doubt whether it would be reviewed anytime soon unless it's upvoted.

Can someone explain why it is so? :)
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Re: Drawn game vs. Elo rating change

Post by RicardoRix »

This is truly bizarre, because for a long time there was a lot of pressure to stop ELO being exchanged for games with equal placement.
Which is subtle, but really completely different from a draw. This bug was supposedly 'fixed', however:

Look at the calculation between the players is 2nd place.

An instance (shared placement) where ELO shouldn't be exchanged and is.

An instance (a draw) where ELO should be exchanged and isn't.
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