Great start, but 2 things..

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Great start, but 2 things..

Post by Elkio »

Hi all!
Thanks for adding this!
Me and my friend can now finally continue our hobby online!

However, some essential rules are missing:
- when you have 3 aces, the game changes and you have to play "Trull". This means that the person with 3 aces is matched with the person with one ace and they have to make 8 tricks. The single ace is the trump card & is played immediatly.
- you are only allowed to see the last trick, not all the tricks (in the history)

Keep up the good work, loving every-day-new-game December! :-)
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Re: Great start, but 2 things..

Post by Nisterius »

This is actually the standard rules for the English game "Solo Whist" - but it is very close to the game played in the Low Countries. I know some other people have requested Trull as well; you might open a Suggestion in the bug tracker so he can see how popular that would be to add it as an option.

You might do the same with hiding previous tricks: I know a couple cards games on here have that as an option, although many do not as well.

Perhaps I'll see you at a table some weekend! (I'm in the US, so folks on your side are often heading to bed when I finish work and supper)
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