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Re: Show Running Totals

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I'd settle for knowing _my_ running score. Just like you do in BGA's Welcome To...

I rarely have time to look at other people's score sheets. As kinda noted, you don't get to see them in real life and they don't affect a lot of what you do (Hotel building, maybe). I've got enough balls to juggle, without trying to track if other people are going to beat me on large versus small hotels.

Regardless, what's the point of having columns to tabulate each type of scoring? If no tabulation occurs and then only flashes on screen for 1-3 seconds. Is there a way to see the running totals through the game? Again, this functionality exists for Welcome To..., that's all I'd like to see. :)

If the publisher didn't notice, the publisher didn't notice. I don't know if it's the same publisher or not (I assume it is). Why they'd approve WT with running totals, but WtNLV without, I don't know.

IRL, I know what my running totals are. i.e., if I have 5 hotels, and I've marked them to 7 value each, I write in a value of 35. BGA's version of WtNLV doesn't do that, so it fails as a IRL simulation of the game. I don't care if nobody else has complained, or if the publisher approved. Presumably the forum is here in part to give feedback: here it is. If the response to the first piece of feedback on a game is essentially "no one else has complained", then you're never going to get any feedback. Because someone is always going to be first, and no one else will have pointed out the issue before first person who points out the issue. :)

And the publisher isn't omniscient. ;) The issue isn't that they didn't include a way to write down your running totals IRL. They did. The issue here is that they didn't notice it was omitted by the BGA developer. So... the publisher wasn't omniscient about noticing a non-IRL coding. Big whoop. :)
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