Arena points when winning

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Arena points when winning

Post by No_chat_sorry »

Hi all,

Several times now I have won a game and not received any 'stars'/arena points for it.

I read up and realise the rules are: 'When you win a game in Arena mode, you gain Arena points. You gain 3 Arena points when beating an opponent from the same league, 2 points when beating an opponent from league N-1, 1 point for beating an opponent from league N-2, and so on (and the same for higher leagues).'

However, what is the point of playing in an arena against someone so much lower than you that you won't even score 1 star upon winning?!

Can the logarithm be adjusted so that either:
a) you don't play anyone so much lower than you that you don't get awarded points upon winning; or
b) always get at least 1 star upin winning, no matter if your opponent was much lower than you.

It's very frustrating trying to get up the ladder and getting excited for winning (3x in a row even) and still not have gained any more progress! (And no, I am not getting confused with a tied game, I mean when I am actually announced the winner) It happens in other games too, but I notice it most in Lucky Numbers.
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Re: Arena points when winning

Post by N_Faker »

It is mostly irrelevant if you gain or lose stars if you intend to play until you are in the elite league.
Any win or loss will still affect your hidden arena ELO.
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