Color preferences when playing Forbidden Island

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Color preferences when playing Forbidden Island

Post by KAS-Boston »

When a player has color preferences listed, this restricts the choice of role in Forbidden Island. Random allocation of roles is preferred. Or, if possible, to allow during the game setup for players to temporarily change their color (choosing a role for that game). I believe the IRL game intent is for random.

1 other suggestion for the interface (layout) of Forbidden Island, the choice of actions varies each turn. It can be very easy to click the wrong blue button at the top, and only 1 type of action is permitted to be undone. Please provide more undo options (true to IRL) or can we move the buttons to a new location? Maybe a section where each button is shown, and then it is either grayed out when not available or blue when is available that turn. This allows us to learn where to click for a particular action and it won't get mixed up with other actions because the location will be the same each time. Corner areas next to board are often available with tile layout.

I know the card design is made to match the IRL version. In this online version, much of the screen is filled by seeing the entire board. Perhaps the cards can be made smaller versions to make it more possible to see the board and the cards in 1 window with less scrolling? Card size similar to tile size seems appropriate.

Overall, this online version is a very enjoyable play and true to the real game. Thank you for making it available! <3
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Re: Color preferences when playing Forbidden Island

Post by Een »

I moved this to the game forum where it may have more chances to be seen by the developer for this game.
(NB: it would have been even better to create a suggestion in our bugs/suggestion tracker with any Forbidden Island table number)
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