Please add Undo-functions

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Please add Undo-functions

Post by Catweazle01 »


today i played NWP the first time and made a lot of mistakes.
Some errors happened because i clicked on the wrong thing and i was not able to undo/unclick it.
I clicked on the ship by mistake and it was not possible to "unclick" it.
So i lost a lot of moves because i was only able to make useless moves.

i need:
- possibilities to "unclick" / undo the last click. For example the ice-water-fields are in your pile when you click it (by mistake) and you can't lay them back in the public pile.
- undo the last (wrong) move
- a possiblity like in carcassone that i can play with the ice/water-fields that i can see where they can fit. Even when it is not my move.

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Re: Please add Undo-functions

Post by CB Droege »

This is one of the oldest games on the site, and the dev is long gone. It has very few of the QoL stuff that have become normal in the more recent games, like confirm/undo buttons, and even mobile friendly board layouts.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely to see any attention at this point. :(
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