Two discovery tiles in the same move?

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Two discovery tiles in the same move?

Post by petermogensen »

I was a bit surprised when I took my turn going worship on the green temple on space 3. (doing both actions)
So, that in it self got me a discovery tile.
The advance earned me step up on the green temple, also getting me a discovery tile.

But instead of offering me to pick the tile on the temple, the game offered me to either use the discovery tile I just got, or end my turn. !?!
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Re: Two discovery tiles in the same move?

Post by jmcl99 »

Yes, there's nothing in the rules that says that you cannot get multiple discovery tiles in the same turn.

Can you give the table number (and if possible move number or at least roughly how far through the game you were) of where this happened? I can think of some reasons where you might not get a discovery tile (e.g. no resources to pay for it) but looking at the actual occurrence is better than guessing.
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