Poll on player number for Arena mode

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Which option do you prefer?

Poll ended at 07 July 2021, 09:15

2 players only
3 players only
Alternate by season (3p, 2p, 3p, 2p...)
Total votes: 21

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Poll on player number for Arena mode

Post by ufm »

During the previous season I created some polls to make our voices heard.
And now automatic challenge and one doubling ability maximum is the default.
However, even though the player number option was split Arena mode is still 3-players only.
Compared to 2p, 3p has its own pros and cons. So I created a separate poll to make the conclusion clearer!
(Removed 4p option cause it was extremely unpopular)

'Alternate by season' means the setting changes by odd/even season.
Should current season be 3p, then the next will be 2p, then 3p, and repeat.
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Re: Poll on player number for Arena mode

Post by frogstar_A »

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE the Arena now with these option - one doubler, two players, Autochallenge (but with 1 free challenge)

I think this setup is perfect.

Thanks :)
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