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Bot player

Post by Edjy »

It seems i've played against a bot because he was playing very fast and never stopping (even if it is the name of the game) :
Can someone tell me if i am right ?
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Re: Bot player

Post by euklid314 »

Your opponent seems to be experienced. The game is simple and can be played very fast.

One tactic is to never stop unless you reach one rope till the end. You will be surprised how often you will win if you apply this tactic. Especially if you have good numbers ( e.g. 6+7+8 or 6+7+12), not stopping is a valid tactic.

Watching the game I rather think that you played against no bot but an ordinary player. Of course I do not know the speed. If your opponent played in milliseconds (i.e. making 20 moves in an instant) this would change my guess.
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Re: Bot player

Post by aussie19 »

Why on earth do you think anybody would use a bot to play this game?
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Re: Bot player

Post by dschingis27 »

aussie19 wrote: 07 March 2022, 23:14 Why on earth do you think anybody would use a bot to play this game?
Often it's done for scientific purpose. To show off what an AI is capable of or just explore programming skills or collect statistics of simple strategies.
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