Gomoku and Caro

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Gomoku and Caro

Post by pilogy »

Gomoku and Caro are completely different games but Caro is one of variants in Gomoku here in BGA.
(I believe that Caro here is same as Pente.)
And more it is difficult to get the rules of this game because we only find another game named "Caro" by searching engine.
It is unfortunate that Caro is buried in BGA.

I suggest that Caro should go independent to be more popular and show the rules.
Caro(Pente) is one of the greatest boardgames.
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Re: Gomoku and Caro

Post by megamau »

I agree. Pente is a great game and I was completely oblivious it was implemented here.
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Re: Gomoku and Caro

Post by ufm »

Admins denied separating Caro as a new game, so I'll deal with this issue with a different approach.

Caro is not Pente. They are different.
Pente will be implemented as an independent game soon, but it is trademarked by Hasbro.
BGA probably won't use the name directly.
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