Mode Arena 2 players?

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Mode Arena 2 players?

Post by Cabrera1961 »

English: I like this game but I am very critical of the 2 player version and I am not the only one.
Thus, it should be noted that the link on BGA: Explanation video of the rules in French, refers to a Quebec youtuber who says at the end of his video that he appreciates this game a lot but its main defect is the version with 2 players which does not allow enough renewal of the cards to draw, which implies a poor strategy. I totally agree with him.
So I'm calling for a change in the Arena mode, so that it can be played by more than 2 players.

French: J'aime ce jeu mais je suis très critique sur la version 2 joueurs et je ne suis pas le seul.
Ainsi, Il faut noter que le lien sur BGA: Explication video des règles en français, renvoie à un youtuber québequois qui dit à la fin de sa video qu'il apprécie beaucoup ce jeu mais son principal défaut est version à 2 joueurs qui ne permet pas assez le renouvellement des cartes à piocher, ce qui implique une stratégie pauvre. Je suis totalement d'accord avec lui.
Donc j'appelle à modifier le mode Arena, pour qu'on puisse jouer à ce mode à plus que 2 joueurs.
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Re: Mode Arena 2 players?

Post by VKV FR »

I'd tend to agree that a 3-players game is more fun and allows more strategy than with 2 players.
However, forcing arena games to be 3-players games would make it too long to start games: right now, with just one opponent to find, it's not unusual to wait 5 minutes before the game starts.

Therefore, I would not support this proposal until the game becomes more popular and there are more players ready to play in arena mode.
There is actually a poll in the Codex Guru page which proposes your suggestion. Right now, it has a positive margin of 5 out of 23 votes - but not my vote :).
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