Dice Odds

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Gamer Rob
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Dice Odds

Post by Gamer Rob »

It does feel like the odds on the dice are a bit off in this game.
I believe the dice has sides of 1,2,H,4,5,H so 1 in 3 times Hugo should move.
It seams like he moves a lot more often than that. It may be just me but on most of the games I have played he has moved unfeasibly fast.

It may just be me :D
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Re: Dice Odds

Post by nccc »

If u want to play dice games, accept WHATEVER the result is.
Maybe its very rare, but not impossible
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Re: Dice Odds

Post by Jellby »

Of course the (pseudo-)random number generator could be defective, but you need to take a very large sample (say 10000 rolls) to be able to draw any conclusion.
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Re: Dice Odds

Post by Octothorpe »

Oh, I thought it was 1,2,3,4,5,Ghost

Good to know.

Also, daily RNG complaint thread. LUL
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