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Game setup descriptions

Post by Lizard_King »

Hi! The mod works really well right now, and makes many things pretty clear. However, in setup, the two prompts that come up for either first time or later games seem a bit in conflict with each other. As a relative novice, do I want to set "later" games, at the risk of not being inviting to 1-2 new players out of the bunch? In which direction should someone setting up the game err?

That's the kind of guidance that I would appreciate at that stage, if it can be narrowed down. For now, I am sticking with starting setup because I expect at least 1 or 2 new players at the table, and frankly I am still unclear on how to be good at this game and probably need all of the help I can get from a stable starting position.

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Re: Game setup descriptions

Post by paramesis »

The difference between First Game and Later Games setup is described in the rulebook on page 2. Essentially, the difference is you get to choose among two starting worlds in the beginning and more variety among the available developments is introduced.

The big red warnings for first game setup and advanced options are defined by the framework, and can come across more aggressively than needed. I wouldn't let them push you too strongly in one direction or another, but would advise trying out the Later Games option once you/your group are comfortable with the basic mechanisms of the game.
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