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Automatic Handicap

Post by TheOneSpyke »

I was wondering if there is a way to automatically determine handicap for a game based on the players' ELO. I think the answer is no, I tried to start a game and did not see a option for it, and I could find no discussion about it here. I am asking to make sure I have not overlooked something.

I am new to BGA Go (I play other games here). I played go (in the real physical world) 40 years ago, and would like to gently get back into it.
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Re: Automatic Handicap

Post by ufm »

There is no such feature (and probably won't be implemented).
I'd recommend other dedicated sites like OGS though. BGA has much smaller player pool and cannot (and will not) ban engine users.
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Re: Automatic Handicap

Post by Silene »

If you are a real Go-Player then you know being paired with opponents of similar strength or otherwise determine a proper handicap to play with is the key to having a fun game. For this to be done by the system, you need a broad player base for it to be somewhat reliable. But to get many players you would need to have very good functionality like analysis tools, teaching tools, good website-performance, various time settings (that are focused on what go-players are used to).

BGA obviously can't give you that, because it would need to concentrate on optimizing the platform for go-players. There are plenty very good Go-Servers, where you can have Go-optimized functionalities, no need to embed one here.

Nevertheless I'm glad they offer it at all, because it's a good chance for some people to get in touch with this beautiful classic.
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