Infinite loop

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King Hrothbeort
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Infinite loop

Post by King Hrothbeort »

It is possible to get stuck in an infinite loop where neither player is advancing. I'm not sure whether to report this as a bug as it is a flaw in the game itself rather than the BGA implementation.
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Re: Infinite loop

Post by Timmaddams »

Yeah that's not a bug, just a factor of the game.

I guess if you are in this situation again, one player needs to buckle and switch up their game play.
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Re: Infinite loop

Post by GrammesEdition »

When the game drags on, it is often that both players focus their efforts on the opposing creatures and not on destroying the Bastion / Hold. Be aggressive, not defensive. If you see a loop, don't repeat it, you have to try a different and effective strategy. Playing defensively is counterproductive since it is beneficial for the opponent who recovers Mana and HP when these creatures are destroyed. Defense is not an optimal strategy (although it depends on your deck). Keep in mind that your goal is not to systematically kill enemy creatures (sometimes a bad choice, by the way), but to destroy the opposing Fort. You have to keep that in mind, it's your only goal.

The basic strategy used by new players is to defend all of the opponent's attacks until he takes control of both lines: these are usually long and repetitive games. Clash of Decks is a game where you have to accept taking damage to attack even harder on the other line, it's a damage race. For example, if the opponent places a difficult creature to manage on one line, it is better to attack directly on the other line to force him to react and thus prevent him from building his assault on the first line. You have to force your opponent to react. Of course, it may be relevant to defend by sacrificing a few small creatures to save time in order to attack on the other line.

The experienced player is opportunistic and more aggressive, his goal is to destroy the opposing Fort. On BGA, I am TOP 3 (not much time to play and recover the TOP 1 at the moment). The statistics are very interesting and illustrate this difference quite well with experienced players and others! On average, I play 5.86 turns per game and play less than 11 cards per game. And the average player, a game lasts 7.24 turns and a little over 14 cards are played.
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