Analyse of 50 randoms hands

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Analyse of 50 randoms hands

Post by Romain672 »

Hello :)

So for those who doesn't know, I have lots of links about the strategy of the game here: ... ublicinfos
And feel free to join the group to have the differents posts in your wall ( ).

Today, I would like to highlight the last document of those, which is the analyse of 50 hands generated randomly: ... 1161901584 .

You have on the left the hands of the 4 or the 5 differents players.
You then choose a column about the mission you are interrested to check.

If you see a hand already done, you can look at it to see what the person decided to do for all 4 players and see if you agree with it or not. And see if your solution is better or worst. (and change it if you want to)

If the hand isn't done, feel free to create it yourself:
- write the differents communications of all players: there is 3 columns to let you put an order of the comms: who comm immediately, who wait a little then comm, who wait for all others comms to be done, then comm.
- then wrote the important cards of each trick
- then add a comment to it
- then put the right color:
* if begginers can win it, put it dark green
* if by following the strategy, you win, put it light green
* if the game is really close and there is an important decision which make the game win or loss, put it orange
* if your way of thinking make it lost, but you manage to make it win somehow / if you need to have perfect information in all hands to win, put it light red
* if you don't find any way to win, put it dark red

And that's pretty much it. If you wanna discuss about any of the game OR any hand, I suggest you to do it but on my group.
The '5 players' part has way more things than the '4 players' one.
And I added a 'strategy' part today to make it more clear for everyone about what is going on.

In case you think you are bad (don't :D), and don't want to edit, feel free to goes far on the right into extras, and do whatever you want there. If that make you more confident to edit it :) I will be always interrested to see others approach of some hands.

And last thing: the '5th player's hand' is reparted randomly between others players for the '4players's hands'. That mean if you find an interresting set of hand, maybe check the same hand but at 4/5 players instead.

Thanks :)
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