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Re: Design change

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I really dislike the strips of game rows on the games page. It is a very limiting screen design and makes for a slow interface to use.

I feel it is a design copied from streaming services such as Netflix or hulu. Those designs are in place to cover the fact that they don't have a lot of content. The previous design was very good because you could quickly scroll vertically and see many titles on screen at once instead of just two titles. I'm using mobile and have not tried on pc. But from my experience, I don't even want to scroll left to right to see what's in a list of games. I give up on looking because it is such a slow tedious process. Its not a good use of screen real estate and the game or box art is lost. I'm sorry to complain because I know someone worked hard on it. I just find it unusable and a step backward in design and functionality.

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