Appreciation and feedback

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Appreciation and feedback

Post by JürgiWürgi »

I am totaly blown away by this implimentation. : ) After all the frustration blood rage players had to face with the official app on steam, a clean playable design with a high player base is more than I ever dared to dream.

With that in mind, a little feedback:

- There is a beautiful link in the bottom left with all the battle cards played. Can we get an additional link next to it that shows all the cards of the 3 ages? Teaching blood rage is always a bit frustrating as you need to explain what nukes cards (aka troll, fire giant...) / loki cards / tech etc... are in the game. I always found it totally unreasonable that there is no overview sheet in the real game. Would be wonderful if this could be fixed for the online version.

Even smaller feedback that is not even worth mentioning ;) :

-The fire giant somehow became a fire golem in the Textlog of the german version. Poor giant : )

- The round "on the battle field" picture of the dwarf king is a bit too far on the top-left. 50% of the picture shows the tree in the background. Maybe move it a little bit bottom-right so we can see those beautiful dwarves : )

- in case there will be any discussion about getting the expansions (gods / mystics) into the game further down the road (i dont even know if you have clearance to implement them here): I would always prefer mystics.
The base game is fine as it is and totally does not need the expansions, but if there is a chance, mystics would be a wonderful addition.

Again, thumbs up for this functional and beautiful beta Version : )
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Re: Appreciation and feedback

Post by Lofski »

Yeah a hoverable list with all the cards of current age (or all cards grouped by age) would be amazing!
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Re: Appreciation and feedback

Post by comradeche »

I agree with the comments here. After seeing the other Blood Rage online version which gave us so much heartache especially during the pandemic... This is a simple and beautiful implementation of the same. The look and feel and simplicity of this implementation is fantastic! Now me and my friends who had played this game regularly (and I mean regularly... Like 10 games a week) are geographically dispersed and we have a perfect platform to gather on once or twice a week and play some Blood Rage. Onwards and Upwards... Well done guys!
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